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PR has greatly changed since I first ventured into the field in 1992, from sitting at the typewriter, rolodex on hand and a stack of envelopes, when the internet came around the way to PR changed and now with social media such an integrated part of the way we communicate and get the word out the way to PR has changed once more. Combining PR with social media vastly improves getting the word out and about along with creating that all important buzz.


Each Social Media~PR campaign is tailored to what each client needs of course, there are some basics that each one entails with that said NO campaign follows an A..B…C…D.. system, it’s just the way how it works. Add in that Publicist are at the mercy of bloggers, editors, strategic tweeters/social media buzzers and producers who get up to 5000 request per week from a variety of publicist and sometimes artist themselves (although those typically get ignored by the big ones); what is needed is a Publicist/Social Media expert that is persistent and tenacious, which are the TWO words that have been used to describe me for over 24 years.

  • Press Release - When it comes to the press release they are far from your typical. Generally they are short, sweet and to the point as today’s editors/bloggers/producers do not have the time to read on and on. They also include hashtags and links which help garner trending and social media tagging. Press Releases are either put on a PR WIRE, my PRESS RELEASE BLOG or both, then the link is used for social media Pitches.

  • Pitches - These to are combined in with Social Media as TWITTER trends and Hashtags are covered by major news outlets and have become a solid part of journalism. Editors and bloggers HIGHLY rely on Social Media Pitching for their content, from POSTS to REVIEWS and for those that do FEATURES. It’s all about the STRATEGIC post/tweet making sure it goes to the right people at the right time. Individual emails are still sent out for pitches as well but not as often/

  • Social Media - The Tie In….When it comes to running trending and hashtags it boils down to the right phrase, the right key words, to the right people at the right time, AKA the most BANG for the Tweet. I have become a SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT, integrating PR in with Social Media, knowing how to work other # trends and KEY wordings to get the most effective buzz going possible. I SUCCESSFULLY created Hashtag/Social Media Trends: #TOPOFTHEPOPS #TOTP #IWantMyMusicVideo #WhatsOnWith #GTK . All of which have been taken on by others for usage. MAKE SURE and follow on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to see where things are trending, being posted and retweeted, etc as it happens FAST.

  • JUST SOME OF WHAT’S ENTAILED~ Press Releases, Pitches, EPK, on the WIRE, Pitches for blogs/magazines, podcasts, radio, Daily Papers from top tweeters, Hashtag trending.

  • *I pitch to over 600 and counting blogs, magazines, ezines, podcasts

  • Of Note I do use British English and Grammar as well to catch phrases, slang and the like i posts, etc. Being Brit raised and Brit PR trained I have found over the years it gives me an edge over others in my field.


  • The publicist’s bill reflects time spent planning strategies and creating special promotion ideas, getting to know you and your product through interviews and research, writing press kit copy, coordinating printed materials, designing individualized media lists, etc

  • Evaluating results can be tricky. MAKE SURE and follow on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to see where things are trending, being posted and retweeted, etc as it happens FAST. After the first month, however, you can at least evaluate your relationship. Personality conflicts that make it difficult to work together can doom a project. Allow at least 2 to 4 weeks for bigger results; most posts are planned that far in advance. It may take a few months to generate coverage*. Be patient. Planting an idea and watching it grow into a story is part of the process. *There are a few exceptions to this rule some editors/bloggers I know get posts up within 2-3 weeks, Retweets and Favourites are BIG and help spread the word quickly akin to the old “whispering campaigns”. Most Radio/blog radio chat shows are 3 weeks out in booking guest. TV 1-2 months out

  • A good publicist wants results as much as you do, but an ethical publicist also knows that he/she cannot ever guarantee a story placement. Be suspicious of those who make promises or charge per placement. A good publicist provides accurate, interesting information on time and has a sense of what we call “good schmooze.” Knowing when to call and not call writers and reporters, knowing their needs, deadlines and interests, and taking the time to be informed about the appropriate publications and people make the difference between adequate and excellent public relations

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