Why some business bloggers are failing before they even start?

There is a saying I like very much "If we always do the things the way we've always done them;We are only going to get what we always had". Doing same things and expecting different results is sign of insanity and definitely leads to brick wall. Most of the small businesses, and surprisingly enough some of the large ones too, still live in early ages of the internet invention when the word "Blog" became buzz word opening the doors into the Google search engines heart. Business owners got their webmasters to start putting together,weekly or monthly, few words into editorials and articles strategically dotting around their business keywords to feed Google search crawlers,mostly talking about their own business,products and services. At its best it was supposed to have been SEO tool but it was just another very badly disguised sales technique, which might have earned them some Google search brownie points and maybe helped them make odd sale here and there along the way.

But times have moved on at the speed of light in technological and consumer world and everything has changed except the mindsets of some of these business owners and/or business bloggers who are still doing the same things the way they've always done them and wonder why they are not getting any success with it?

Blogs and blogging has changed not only in its format (not any longer just an article/editorial but can be infographic, podcast, video or integration and combination of different formats etc), but more importantly it has changed in its purpose, becoming not only much more powerful business and marketing tool, but also more importantly becoming integral part of any successful business and marketing strategy.

And it is the purpose part of the blog that most of these business owners and/or business bloggers fail to understand and address properly simply because when it comes to blogging strategy, they simply don’t have one, they don't have clear objectives set of what they want to achieve with the blog in the first place, they have no target audience (buyer personas ) determined and set, there are no goals nor KPI's in place and no other metrics in place that can provide them with the picture of what the success could or should look like.It’s like setting off on a journey, not knowing where are you going, and if and when and how you are going to get there but expecting to get there

They still have preconceived ideas from the past that blogging is simply another more polite word for “bragging” about their business, products and services and that those who shouts the most will get the most of business.

Who in their right mind would want to read every week or let alone day talking about their business?

A business blog is not a place for dumping regular press releases, product and techno information etc

A blog article is NOT a landing page. Of course every page is a landing page but not a landing page in the strict sense of a page being optimized for conversions. You can sell on a blog or generate leads, but it’s more a side-effect. A blog is not a sales channel.

So what is the purpose of the blog:

Blog is an ideal vehicle to carry audience on their buyers journey through following check points;


  • Generate exposure and awareness about the business and a brand.

  • Blogs are ideal tools to connect business with their audience.

  • A blog is a good starting point to initiate and encourage engagement with the audience

  • A blog helps the business get Shares & Links.It opens up the doors to the word of mouth advertising via social media networks.Yeah, that’s SEO in perfectly organic way!

  • A blog is an ideal place for nourishing brand influencers and brand evangelists,building up brand’s own private advertising force

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