“Naturally Yours”  - Kim Cameron Newest EP

Off the heels of a successful year, Kim Cameron & Side FX, went back into studio in-between their residency in Miami and European travels and recorded several new tracks for an upcoming EP Naturally Yours.

The first track, Falling Stars, releases first. Kim takes her vocals to a new level using high soprano ranges in a pure controlled falsetto that drifts you into the clouds, soaring high above the atmosphere, almost like you are floating. The hooky chorus ‘We’re like Falling Stars, Make a Wish, and I’ll be Where You Are’ is unforgettable on the first listen, with Kim switching back to her natural Karen Carpenter-like alto range. The bass line and dramatic drops in the smooth strings keep you moving the entire song.

UK’s Wideboys took Falling Stars to the next level with their remix. Adding a modern techno twist on the sound with light airy vocals that drift beyond the atmosphere. The synth bass lines are truly memorable and instantly capture your ears’ attention with their first notes.

December, 2015 kicks off the second release, ‘Windrunner,’ complete with Germany’s own George Whyman’s remix. The music video was shot on the island of Saint Barth’s and features one of the island’s best wind surfers. Playing with the theme of nature and love, Kim delivers a powerful set of harmonies and alto tones to her newest set of love songs. Heavy bass lines dominate what is sure to be a dance floor favorite. Lyrically, the song plays with a love that keeps running, almost like the wind.

On the heels, of Windrunner, But You, Wanna Go and It Starts Raining are announced as a part of the EP release. But You includes a smashing remix from the Wideboys and infectious lyrical lines, It Starts Raining includes two remixes, one from Croatia’s biggest star-DJ Max and New York City’s Roc. Wanna Go was previewed early December with rave reviews. All the new singles thematically line up with the concept of how love and natural are intertwined.

But You is the third formal release, which begins with a chunky distorted guitar that immediately gives your ear the need for more. The bass kicks in within seconds to pull you onto the dance floor. Reviewers have already said “embraces and enhances the sounds and styles we’ve come to know and love in popular music.” Kim’s alto ranges in this hooky song are showcased in another magical journey of love and nature.

The EP also includes two remixes from the 80s favorite ‘Mad World.’ Pablito Drum and Kim wanted to pay tribute to all those who have suffered unnecessarily due to violence around the globe. The music video they shot for the remix has real footage from today’s current events — a clear departure from the ‘always in love’ and positive spirit that Kim typically writes about. “I wanted to tell my fans who have been impacted by this senseless violence, that I care, and I have not forgotten about them during their time of need.” Along with this mix, UK’s favorite mixer Freddie Bastone, took a happier approach to the cover — keeping the mix and dance party going.

A super crossover mixture of dance beats, deep house and groove-lounge that bridges the gap between Cameron’s last two EPs ‘No Regrets’ and ‘Still Spinning.’ Each song on Naturally Yours uses heavy bass lines to drive the song and a lyrical content that flows seamlessly, highlighting how falling in love can take us or bring us to our knees.

Highlights of the concert show in Dominican Republic on the New Year’s Eve 2016 in front of audience of over 8ooo people - Dominican Republic Show

A new remix by Kim Cameron & Pablito Drum from the 80's hit ‘Mad World’. Kim wanted to pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives or loved ones due to senseless violence

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