Billboard Top 20 Artist Kim Cameron’s Musical to Hit London’s Theatre District

Miami, Florida’s singer, songwriter Billboard charting artist, Kim Cameron, recently landed a collaboration that even surprised her. Her once shelved musical, Her Story, has recently been unearthed, and captured the attention of London’s West side Producer Libby Brodie. Beginning in January 2017, the two will team up with award winning Director Cressida Brown and an all-star London based acting crew to begin the advancement of Cameron’s music to an opening night in London.

Her Story is a current day rock musical with explosive songs and issues faced by women everyday. The musical has three main characters and twelve backing characters (Sherri, Cory, and Hunter). Sherri is torn between creating a career and raising a family. She suffers heartache and loss as she discovers who she is as a modern woman. Cory represents one of the thousands of immigrants who all come to the US looking for a better life but end up finding the same challenges await them across the pond. Hunter is a dedicated soldier who, like many of our returning armed force personnel, is having difficulty re-entering the civilian world after spending years in combat. In-between the drama, an outrageous southern transplant offers comical relief. This two-act musical contains 22 songs, which are seamlessly weaved inside the characters’ storylines, with a total running time of approximately 90-110 minutes which ends with a huge dancing party.

This high energy, yet emotional, musical has twists and turns throughout but concludes with one woman—making the biggest decision of her life.

“It’s not a traditional musical format. I wanted to create more of an experience, so that the audience feels energized. We will end every show with a big dance party—that each audience member will be a part of,” explains Cameron.

Director Cressida Brown is winner of UK Kevin Spacey Foundation's UK Artist of Choice and nominated for 10 Offices including Best Production twice, Best Director.

Producer Libby Brodie produces excellent works of theatre and high-quality bespoke events both in the UK and internationally.

With a background of 5 years producing & general managing commercially at Adam Spiegel Productions and 10 years of theatrical experience at venues such as the Old Vic Theatre and The Prince of Wales Theatre in the West End, Libby formed LBP with the aim of making unique and unknown productions more accessible to audiences and to bring together exciting emerging talent with established industry professionals. She has several record-breaking, sell-out productions across the UK.

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